Project partnership

We represent some clients who are looking to partner up to complet their projects. Partners could be active or passive. Typically the partnerships are established based on the total project cost constribution. Ou team has the experience to put together such project as well as finance them.

Constuction financing in the 3.6%!


See our list of projects:

Old Montreal- 84 Luxury condo units to be built

Downtown Montreal- 88 condos to be built

Laval- 400 units to be built in 2 towers

Mega project- Commercial/ residential/ Hotel/ Office

Florida- Phase 2: 100+ homes (phase 1 was a success)

Quebec City- touristic area 45,000 sf

Central Montreal- 6 storey office building on 20,000 landarchitecture-1836409_640

Laval- condo project 24 units on main boulevard


If you are a serious investor you may contact us at: